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Summer Reading Programs

Summer is our favorite time of the year and we are super excited to jump into our next summer reading program! Here at the Mount Olive Public Library, we strive to create a strong summer reading program that will engage and excite your children and teens, as well as encourage them to keep reading all summer long. As they read throughout the summer, we have three different reading logs that will help you keep track of their progress and can be turned in for weekly prizes and raffle entries. The more you read the more chances for awesome prizes. The logs are broken down by age/grade ranges from ages 0-5years old, Kindergarten-5th grade & Teens. Each log is designed to work with the particular age range and promote literacy skills appropriate for their level.

We are very excited to announce that this year's Summer Reading Program is:

Summer Reading Sign-Ups

In order to keep track of your child's or teen's reading, we ask that you sign up online. Reading logs can be found below. If you have any questions as to which log to use, please feel free to ask one of our Children's Room staff.

Click Here to Register for Summer Reading

Summer Reading Program Schedules

Click on the images below to view the schedules for Kids & Teens all summer long.



Programs for Summer Reading

Cosmic Carnival:  June 22 from 10-1pm
Ages 4-10
Enjoy space themed games and crafts to blast off to summer reading fun! The first 15 kids will receive a special space prize.

No Registration Required

Rock with Polka Dot: June 22 @ 11am
Ages 4-10
Get ready to rock out to Polka Dot, as he puts on a stellar concert for kids!

Tara Lazar's Out of this World Character Workshop: June 22 @ 1pm
Ages 6 & Up
Come meet children's author Tara Lazar, as she talks about creating a universe of unique characters!

Constellation Viewers: June 24 @ 1pm
Ages 7-12
Create mini “telescope” tubes to view famous constellations.

Artful Constellations: June 25 @ 7pm
Ages 4-9
Copy constellations using colorful collage materials.

Design A Constellation: June 26 @ 7pm
Write a star-filled story that could be shared with the kids at storytime!

StarLabs: June 27 @ 6pm
Ages 5-12
Come enjoy an inflatable planetarium and experience the night sky indoors. (limited space; kids need to be able to sit on their own)

Twirling Stars Mobile: June 28 @ 2pm
Ages 5-10
Turn a paper plate into a twirling mobile decorated with cut out stars and planets.

Monday Funday Movie: July 1 @ 1pm
Rated PG
Join us as we watch the LEGO Movie 2

Drop In Space Craft: July 5 from 11-2pm
Ages 4 & Up
SWOOSH! It's a shooting star! Let's make a cool star rubbing with chalks on black paper skies.

No Registration Required

Universe of Sounds: July 8 @ 12:30pm
Ages 1-4
Join Music Play Patrol as kids learn about and explore instruments and sound processors to speak like aliens.

Galaxy Jar: July 9 @ 7pm
Ages 7-12
Using household science materials come create a jar that looks like our amazing Milky Way Galaxy.

Cosmic Bathbombs: July 10 @ 7pm
Nothing says relaxing like a good bath.  Come create your own stellar bath bomb to take home.

Aliens: Escape from Earth: July 11 @ 1pm
Ages 5-12
Sciencetellers are back for an action-packed and educational alien adventure using science experiments for special effects. It's totally out of this world!

Astronomy After Dark: July 11 @ 8pm
For Families
Get ready for a fun night of astronomy, as our friends from the UACNJ come to teach us all about space. Then, after the library closes, head outside to take a look at the night sky through an awesome telescope. (weather permitting)

Galaxy Pinwheels: July 12 @ 11am
Ages 4-9
Prepare to be blown away!  Make your own pinwheel with spinning galaxy imagery.

Hope Rocks the Universe: July 15 from 1-4pm
All Ages
Join us for a fun, family-friendly community project hosted by Hope Rocks! Create keepsake works of art to be given to cancer survivor volunteers who have lost loved ones or clients to cancer.

Moon Garden: July 17 @ 7pm
Moon Gardens inspire creativity and inner peace.  Create your own garden to keep in your room for those times that the world can be too much.

Grace the Pirate: July 18 @ 2pm
Ages 4-12
Get ready to be recruited to the pirate life, as Kit's Interactive Theatre puts on another fun and exciting show. Learn about pirates like Blackbeard and help find treasure by navigating with the stars.

Lunar Phases Cups: July 19 @ 10am
Ages 7-12
You can make your own New Moon, Full Moon or anything in between!  Explore why the moon grows!

Estes Rockets: July 20 @ 11am
Ages 6-12
Join us as we learn about rockets and space, and weather permitting, go outside to set off Estes rockets.

Universe of Stories: July 22 @ 4pm
Ages 5 & Up
Get ready to have a lot of fun as Magic Jim puts on a family-friendly magic show. His show combines magic, humor, puppetry and audience participation, along with meeting his alien friend Marty the Martian!

Solar System Necklace: July 23 @ 7pm
Ages 7-12
Celebrate our planets and string beads to create your own necklace.

Starry Night Sidewalk Art: July 24 @ 7pm
Make our library entrance beautiful and create starry artwork in chalk.

Galaxy Painting: July 26 @ 1pm
Ages 8 & Up
Paint your own galaxy picture on 8x8 canvas. Using layers of acrylic paint we will create unique pictures of starry galaxies and nebulae.  (Wear old clothes; smocks provided)

Shadow Art: July 27 @ 1pm
All Ages
Harnessing the power of the sun, we will use small, everyday objects to cast a shadow and create large pictures.

Monday Funday Movie: July 29 @ 1pm
Rated PG
Join us as we watch HOME.

Alien Headbands: July 30 @ 7pm
Ages 4-8
Antennas any one?  Create a headband any alien would be happy to wear.

Space Trivia: July 31 @ 7pm
Are you an intergalactic space genius? Take a shot at this quiz game to find out. Smart phone or tablet needed.

Thursday Teen Interactive Theatre: Aug. 1@ 6:30pm
Rated PG-13
Join us as we watch Guardians of the Galaxy with a twist. Audience participation throughout the movie.

Rizzo's Wildlife: Aug. 2 @ 11am
Ages 4-12
One of our favorite programs in the galaxy is back! Join us for more wild fun with Rizzo's Wildlife and meet exotic animals.

Sew-It Alien Pillows: Aug. 3 @ 1pm
Ages 7-12
Ellen is back for more sewing fun. Learn to sew a cute alien pillow using hand sewing and sewing machines.

Light Saber Rainbow Loom Charms: Aug. 5 @ 7pm
Ages 7-12
Make a mini light saber using rainbow looms!

Perler Bead Star Wars: Aug. 7 @ 7pm
Using Perler Beads, create your own Star Wars character and make a keychain.

Star Wars @ the Library: Aug. 10 from 10-3pm
Ages 5 & Up
Are you strong with the Force? Join us at the library for our Jedi Academy, where you can meet special characters from Star Wars and watch a Star Wars movie.

(wear shoes/clothes to run in)


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