Getting a Library Card

To Register
The Mt. Olive Public Library endeavors to provide quality materials and services to our patrons. In order to assure equal access of the library’s materials and services:

No books or materials may be checked out without a valid Library Card.

A library borrower’s card is non-transferable and may be used only by the person whose name appears on the card and in the computer record.

Any current resident of Mount Olive Township who is over five (5) years of age may complete an application for a library borrower’s card. Applications from children between the ages of 5 years-old and 14-years-old must be signed by a parent or legal guardian residing in Mt. Olive Township.

Proof of residency must be established using one of the following:
Valid NJ driver’s license
Property Deed
Utility Bill
P.O. Box Numbers will not be accepted without a street address noted.

This Borrower’s Card will be issued for a three-year period and is renewable upon verification.

To begin your registration process.

Courtesy Cards
An employee of the Township of Mt. Olive or of a business located within Mt. Olive Township is eligible to apply for a library borrower’s card if the town in which they reside is not in Morris County. A courtesy borrower’s card, for use in the Mt. Olive Public Library, will be issued upon examination of a current paycheck or stub listing company name, address and employee’s name.
This Courtesy Card will be issued for a one-year period and is renewable upon verification.