Youth Programs - Registration

Program Release: 

I hereby release and discharge the Mount Olive Public Library, its agents, employees, appointed officials,
volunteers, commissions, or associations from any and all actions for losses, damages, for personal
injuries to myself or my child which may occur or arise out of my child's participation in library programs
or activities. By registering for a Mount Olive Library Program I consent to the following agreements
and policies:

BEHAVIOR AGREEMENT - Participants in Mount Olive Library programs must agree to behave in a
mature and responsible manner and agree to not behave inappropriately. Inappropriate behavior
includes (but is not limited to):

• Littering
• Profanity
• Boisterous conduct
• Throwing objects
• Threats or intimidating behavior
• Violence of any kind
• Smoking, alcohol or drug use
• Unsafe conduct
• Disrespectful behavior to anyone!
Failure to follow the instructions of Library Staff or representative may result in the expulsion from the
program – no refunds will be given.

PHOTO RELEASE POLICY – Attendance at library programs and events shall constitute consent to be
photographed for Mount Olive Public Library publicity purposes. Names of individuals will not be used
in photo captions unless the individual gives permission.

Please select the program(s) you would like to attend and include the total number of people attending each event.
Ages 7-12
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