Searching the Card Catalog

MORRIS AUTOMATED INFORMATION NETWORK is a New Jersey consortium of 36 municipal public libraries and the Morris County Library, offering an online catalog of over 2 million library items. You can search the card catalog for books, audiobooks, videos, dvds, cd-roms, and music recordings. Below are instructions for doing a basic search of the card catalog. If no instructions are needed, click here to go directly to the card catalog and start your search.


1. Keyword search for: Type in your search term(s) here. You can add a wildcard * at the end of your term to expand your search.
example: home* will bring back results for home or homerun or Homer, etc.

2. Search By: Use this to search certain record fields.
example: Any Field, Title, Author, Subject, Publisher, Genre, Series, ISBN

3. Limit By: This limits the type of material you are looking for.
example: Book, DVD, VHS, sound recording, music cd....etc.

4. Add More Limits: Here you can select a specific MAIN Library to limit your search to.