Downloadable audiobooks and eBooks are digital versions of books that are available through the Internet. OverDrive audiobooks/ebooks can be played on most desktop or laptop computers. You can also transfer your favorite titles to a wide range of portable devices such as music players, media centers, Pocket PCs and even select smartphone devices. Some OverDrive titles may be burned to CD if the publisher permits.

Login from anywhere
Once you have a Mt. Olive library card, click the graphic below to connect to the Digital Library NJ web site and login to your personal account.

Logging In
- Click the Login button
- Select M.A.I.N. (Morris Automated Information Network) from the list of Library Systems
- Enter your library card barcode number without spaces
- Click "Sign In"

After you successfully login, click the "Help" button and then select "My Help" to get customized instructions for your specific device.